With a team of experts who excel in public speaking, media, cultural differences, sales and marketing, Lighthouse Training is ready to take your team to the next level by clearing the path through clustered information and maximise the power of communication.
We conquer challenges with you. With our team of professional trainers, we offer corporate consultancy and training programmes that develops skillsets and establishes the right mindset.
We are one of a kind. We do not offer standardised training package. As training consultants, our team brings to the table industry expertise and will work with a methodical approach to improve your business performance from needs identification to motivation programme and post training measurement.

Communication is learnt, not inborn. That is the reason why we are here.
Lighthouse Training has one goal: to make you succeed in sharping and delivering the right message right. Comprised of a team of trainers from various industries with different specialties and backgrounds, Lighthouse Training truly embraces a multi-cultural mindset and approach at communication.

Our training team comprises communication veterans including media practitioners, masters of ceremonies, NLP trainers, IPA linguistic experts, etiquette and culture gurus. Led by principal trainer Ms. Laura Cozijnsen, Lighthouse Training is a resourceful assembly of people and experience in delivering training programmes to enhance your team’s communication performance, to enrich both their inner and outer selves.
Award-Winning Practitioner In Communications Who Walks the Talk

Laura is a media veteran, a motivational trainer, an acclaimed master of ceremony, and an entrepreneur with her Hong Kong based marketing consultancy.

Specialised in media training, presentation techniques, key message formulation, public speaking skills and corporate brand identity delivery, Laura’s unique ability to develop a training scheme that combines technical skills enhancement, business objectives and commercial considerations has contributed to the success of many brand launches, marketing campaigns and internal staff development programmes. She is a firm believer in the power of effective communication in contributing to a corporate’s bottom line.

An ancestry of Dutch and Chinese, Laura was born in Asia, raised in Hong Kong and has lived briefly in the city of Taipei, she truly embraces an international and multicultural approach in delivering training programmes. Her strong mastery of 3 languages – English, Putonghua and Cantonese has given her trainings a distinctive edge, adding to her strong multifaceted background in communications, she is one of the most well-received and practical trainers in town.

Having held Director positions with the marketing and publicity team of STAR Group Limited, Laura understands the media industry, and how best to effectively build rapport with them. In 2006, she founded Lighthouse Consultant Limited, an award-winning marketing campaign consultancy, Laura is sensitive to market trends and in-tune with commercial needs, enabling her to approach projects from a holistic perspective.

Triumphed as the Public Group Champion in both Individual and Partnership categories at the Hong Kong Master of Ceremonies Competition in 2006, Laura has hosted over 500 events and was received by over 250,000 people in the audience. Her trilingual capability, public speaking skills, ways to engage audience and stage experience are highly regarded by commercial and government bodies.

With years of experience in communications and public speaking, Laura is keen to share her know-how. Laura is regularly invited by industry and academic bodies as trainer and guest speakers, including BOC(HK), Lenovo, Ma Belle, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Education Bureau, HKIM, HKUST and Hong Kong Baptist University, but to name a few.

Areas of Expertise:
- Communications
- Presentation Formulation and Techniques
- Public Speaking
- Media Handling
- Corporate and Personal Branding
Impactful Business Presentation
Successful Selling Skills
Business Communication
and Etiquette
Management Team Building
and Strategic Planning
Brand Positioning and
Perspective Alignment
Stress Management
Positive Change Implementation
Emcee Skills
Media Relations and Handling
Western Dining Etiquette
Campus Crisis Management
Student Ambassador Training
Communication with
English Speakers
Impactful Business Presentation
Through informative sharing and role-play activities, trainees are led to discover effective ways to craft business presentations with organised structures, to identify key concepts and to deliver messages in a persuasive and interactive fashion. Attendees will be given ample exercises to hone the skills acquired, while receiving constructive feedback on the spot.
Style: Informative sessions with substantial attendees’ involvement.
Successful Selling Skills
The secret of selling goes beyond being persuasive, its the power of understanding needs and closing in the buying process. This course concentrates on reading body language, verbal messages and facial expressions of prospects, while understanding expectations and responses. Trainees will take home techniques to formulate right messages that prompt purchase decisions.
Style: Informative sessions and scenario role-play. Pre and post mystery shopper programme optional.
Business Communication and Etiquette
First impression takes merely a fraction of a second to form. Projecting a professional and trustworthy image in that split second is the key to successful business relationships. This module furthers trainees’ understanding of business attire, etiquette and workplace ethics. Gear up your team to impress everyone by how they look, speak, write and act with professionalism and confidence.
Style: Case sharing and group discussion sessions.
Management Team Building and Strategic Planning
Through a series of activities, this workshop is structured to assist participating teams in building rapport and enhance team spirit. Synergy from the early part of the workshop will contribute to effective collaboration at the planning phase. Trainers will facilitate teams in establishing actionable strategies to reach corporate goals.
Style: Thought-provoking activities and guided activities. Pre-alignment meeting mandatory.
Stress Management
Physical and mental well-being is the greatest asset for every individual and the key to sustainable corporate success. This module aims to help trainees manage stress in a positive way. Attendees will be guided to identify the causes and effects of different types of stress, as well as stress management techniques that will help promote corporate harmony.
Style: Informative sessions with group discussions.
Positive Change Implementation
Change is constant and can be intimidating while rewarding at the same time. To introduce positive corporate change and overcome hurdles brought forth by new structures, systems or policies, this module is designed to build knowledge, skillsets and confidence for the transitions. Trainees’ adaptability to change and capability to implement successful transformation will be addressed.
Style: Informative sessions with group activities.
Emcee Skills
An emcee, also known as the master of ceremony, sets the stage for a successful business function and makes all the difference in creating a positive brand impression. This course focuses on the advancement of public speaking skills, use of verbal and body languages, as well as emcee skills enabling trainees to master ceremonies with confidence. For corporates with frequent events, the course could create a pool of talents who are able to master different types of staged events with grace and adaptability.
Style: Informative sessions with substantial attendees’ involvement.
Media Relations and Handling
Media: friend or foe? This module brings essential knowledge on media handling to the table, covering topics on local media practices, approaches in answering media enquiries and proactive ways in engaging media. Trainees will understand the key to maintaining a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with media.
Style: Informative sessions with case studies. On-camera media response training optional.
Western Dining Etiquette
As the saying goes, real business takes place at the dining table. Communications at business meal can be equally challenging as board-room meetings. To avoid embarrassing situations, this module is the complete guide to know-hows on topics including use of dining utensils, sequence of dishes etc., allowing diners to portray a professional image while enjoying the meal.
Style: Informative sessions with actual off-site dining experience highly recommended.
Campus Crisis Management
Crisis management is more than staying responsive, its being prepared for any potential issues. This module takes a phase-based approach in identifying, preventing, controlling and restoring from school campus crisis. Relationship management with stakeholders including students, staff, parents and media are also key emphasis of this programme.
Style: Informative sessions with case studies.
Student Ambassador Training
The image of every academic institute hinges on its students. With an aim to nurture student ambassadors who are able to represent their schools appropriately and knowledgeably, the Student Ambassador Training Programme will cover presentation skills, social etiquette and self-introduction training, enabling student ambassadors to portray a positive image of their institutes.
Style: Informative sessions and scenario role-play.
Communication with English Speakers
This course is designed for students aspiring to communicate with English-speaking guests or students from overseas confidently. Tasked to improve students’ communication skills, language skills and to build confidence in interacting with English speakers, this is a fun-filled and popular course for first year students.
Style: Informative sessions and scenario role-play.
Brand Positioning and Perspective Alignment
From the perspective of an independent third party with Greater China brand building experience, our workshop tasks to collate management teams’ perspective, hence offering a platform for gauging and aligning brand and company direction. Subsequent to thorough desk research, perspective-oriented interactive activities will be tailored to generate data indicating attendees’ explicit and implicit brand perception, post-workshop analysis will be provided to shed light on the most pressing brand issue(s).
Style: Interactive result-oriented activities.

Like every force in the universe, communication is a 2-way process. Each message delivered will trigger a response, either knowingly or unknowingly, from the recipient. This is why every communication endeavour is unique. For this reason we take a tailored approach and forego training programmes applying an imposed system regardless of needs, backgrounds and capabilities. Lighthouse Training is one of a kind in certain ways:
1. Communications Focused
Communications is our core focus. Lighthouse Training assembles a team of communication practitioners: from presentation skills, communication mindset, languages to personal branding and business etiquette, our trainers are field industry executives and are strong at incorporating both academic approaches and field experience in our training programmes to maximise and attain the desired results.

Led by Ms. Laura Cozijnsen, a TV media veteran and entrepreneur running an award-winning marketing and communication campaign management consultancy, we are in tune with the market and at the forefront of new trends and communication approaches.
2. Tailored Training Programmes
We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all training programmes. programme participants’ needs, abilities, background and their business contexts should be taken into account while formulating the training programmes that best suit the trainees. Instead of providing training with an imposed format, we adapt a novel approach to proactively tailor training programme for each project.

Analyse, formulate, align, deliver and assess – our proactive and comprehensive approaches defines the success of a programme right from the on-set.
3. Multicultural Background
Lighthouse Training is composed of a team of professional trainers with solid commercial experience in different fields, led by a principal trainer with multicultural background. Our profound, practical knowledge stemmed from commercial experience and our multicultural, multilingual communication approach is the solid foundation of our training team, preparing us for audience of different cultures, languages from different professions and levels of understanding.
1 . Establishing Objectives
The programme will commence with a thorough business analysis that digs into the root of the business issues that the company is facing. One or multiple meetings with company leaders and team heads are recommended to set objectives for the programme.
2. Tailoring Programme Structure
There is no one-size-fits-all training programme. We tailor programmes based on the size, nature, resources and business goals of the company according to the analysis result. Training structure will be developed hand-in-hand with training project team leaders to ensure that every step outlined will attain the training objectives.
3. Alignment
A mandatory pre-programme meeting with our project manager is recommended to refine the structure and contents of the programme. All logistic details will be mapped out as well as to reassure that the programme will take place smoothly.
4. Training and Reinforcement
Led by our team of trainers, our training programmes will take place according to the agreed structure and programme outline. With professional judgment on the response of the participants, our trainers could opt to improvise, so as to adjust their training pace and style to optimise training results.
5. Assessment and Follow-up
Evaluation with participants and training project teams will be conducted as post-training assessment. Evaluations and comments received will be consolidated for analysis. To effectively evaluate trainees’ field performance, mystery shopper visits and focus groups could also be arranged.
Assembling a team of communication practitioners, Lighthouse Training is all set to deliver themed talks featuring different aspects related to communications.
A series of educational and hands-on practice sessions will focus on a defined area of concern. Held in small groups to encourage interactions, discussions and experience.
Format: Skills Building Workshops
Size: 10 – 30
Educational lecture event featuring one or more speakers delivering inspirational speeches to a sizable group of audience.
Format: Lecture, Presentation
Size: 50 – 100
Notable speakers and subject-matter experts engaging in open discussion and dialogue to share their professional insights on a specific issue.
Format: Keynote, Panel and Open Discussion
Size: 100 - 300
With full attention from designated coaches, your team will be observed, evaluated and guided for long-term improvement.
Format: Team or Personal Coaching and Guidance
Size: 1 to 1 – 1 to 8
Being recognised and appreciated is a strong motive that pushes us to our limits. Internal award scheme concluded with an award presentation ceremony is an effective, competitive approach that encourages personal growth and self-enhancement.
VII. Mystery Shoppers
It is an effective and accurate way to evaluate the performance of staff in the field. The scale, frequency and duration of the practice are to be customised to optimise the measurements.

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